The Importance of Having An Advertising Routine

Life Happens! That is no surprise. Things will happen that interrupt your ability to commit time to your online business. This fact of life amplifies the importance of having an advertising routine. When life steps in and steals your valuable time, how can you continue to grow your online business? The answer is simple: have an advertising routine.


Use all the tools available to automate your online business. Whether you are growing your list or running an online site, automation may be the key to your sanity. Use it as much as possible. Search out auto-responders and other tools which give you the ability to automate much of your daily routine. As a traffic exchange owner here are two valuable tools we use: the Geniux mod from LFMTE and the Timed Templates mod from Custom TE Mods. Whether you just need to take a vacation or some other reason which is pulling you away from your site, these two mods alone will keep your site running and keep you in constant contact with your members.


It’s not enough to keep in contact with your list or your members, you must keep growing to prosper. This is where routine can be a life saver. If you spend 8 hours a day working online and all of the sudden your time is cut to 1 hour a day, then you better have a routine in place which allows you to keep growing. Eliminate all the puff stuff. Decide which activities are helping grow your business then design a time frame which allows you to accomplish those activities. It’s all about prioritizing your time and developing a routine which will keep your online business growing even when your time is limited.

When life steps in and changes your ability to commit time to your business, then you will realize the importance of having and advertising routine.

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  1. Geniux is one of my favourite mods from LFMTE, something that comes in handy even if you are available at reset. I am today going to be setting up for the next week though as we are taking a break from the normal and without Geniux I’d lost.

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