You Don’t Have To Promote Every Site You Join

A new traffic exchange launched today.  You may have received several invites to join from friends and acquaintances.  This is NOT another invite.  Actually, we haven’t even joined this new traffic exchange yet.

Should You Join?

I’m sure we will soon because normally a newly launched site drives some pretty good traffic.  That’s a pretty good reason to join. When a new site launches, there will be many people joining to check out the new digs.  People want to know if a site is unique, has games, rewards members surfing, encourages collecting, and most of all will it create conversions for my business.  While members are joining and surfing this new site, this is a perfect time to get your ads in front of them.

Should You Promote?

Launch excitement normally has affiliates scrambling to earn some commissions from the new site.  Many times a new launch will have a referral contest attached and affiliates are trying to bring in as many new members as possible to win the contest.  There is nothing wrong with earning commissions and winning a referral contest.  I, personally, like to do both.  But, for me, what is more important is recommending a site I believe will be relevant when all the launch excitement is gone.  Will this site still generate good traffic for my ads 4 weeks from now when the launch excitement is over?  Do I believe this site will still be here 12 months from now?  Do I believe this owner will honor his/her commitment to the affiliates and pay commissions in a timely manner?  So, for me to recommend a new site, it is all about the owner.  Let me clarify right now, I have no crystal ball and I don’t know every owner.  There have been sites we promoted which have failed even though I thought it had a good owner.  And, there have been sites which have succeeded which we did not promote.  All I do know is, if we decide to promote a site, we believe in the owner.

So, when you see a new launch, by all means join it and take advantage of the influx of excitement and traffic for your ads.  But, You Don’t Have To Promote Every Site You Join!

Make It Your Year~ Jolynn & Cathy

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6 Responses to You Don’t Have To Promote Every Site You Join

  1. Hello Cathy,

    Very nice post, great insight, thanks for sharing.

    With all the new sites being launched every week or month, it’s impossible to keep up, i.e. have a reasonable amount of credits to keep our ads being seen every day, unless we upgrade everywhere, which wouldn’t be reasonable, since in many cases, it would be a waste of money.

    Tracking helps determine which sites are good for what we offer. It is tempting to join a new site, of course, but it’s important to try to build trust, and hopping on every train shows signs we are not focused.

    Philippe Moisan recently posted..Get More Interaction On Your Facebook PostsMy Profile

  2. Cathy says:

    While I agree it is virtually impossible to keep your sites in rotation at every traffic exchange online, unless you have an unlimited budget, I would suggest taking advantage of some of the launch traffic. If a site delivers conversions, then I will stick around until those conversions slow down.
    It can be quite the balancing act for your time and ad budget.

  3. veronica smith says:

    Great info. I’m personally getting tired of all the new launches. When is enough, enough. But I agree as running a business to be absolutely sure that the site you want to promote will honor your commitment. Just keep your reputation intact.

    Lady V

    • Cathy says:

      I don’t mind new launches. Mind you, I don’t join them all. But the ones I do join I am definitely looking at them as good advertising opportunities.
      Thanks for your input, Lady V.

  4. DA Riley says:

    It is rare anymore that I join a new launch.
    You can pretty much look at the cover to figure
    out if it is different or unique.

    They used to be much more exciting. This latest
    launch does have the looks of something different
    yet I have not joined either. The owner is a long time
    marketer so I am pretty sure it will be around for
    the long term… Mayhaps I will join after the hoopla
    has died down… Who knows. As you said Kathy, you
    don’t have to join and promote everything to be successful.
    DA Riley recently posted..5 Blogging Tips To Write Sensational Blog Posts That Attract ReadersMy Profile

    • Cathy says:

      Ah, you bring up a point- if the person making or helping with the launch is a long time marketer, this can be good or bad, in my opinion. I like to gauge each individual launch separately with these professional marketers.
      Thanks for your input DA.

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