Year End Stats Time – Top 3 Lists, Part 1

Top 3It’s the end of the year and time for me to analyze our pages of stats.  I’m going to break down the Top 3 Lists in to two parts.  The first part will be the Top 3 Lists for bringing new members to Hot Flash Hits.  Let’s get down to it.  Below I will list the Top 3 Sites in 3 different categories.  These are the sites which brought in the most new members to Hot Flash Hits.  Plain and simple- these sites produced results.

Hot Flash Hits Year End Results

Top 3 Traffic Exhanges:

#1 – Traffic Swirl outproduced all other traffic exchanges by a landslide.  If you are not promoting there, you should be. Traffic Swirl

#2 – EasyHits4U is no surprise on this list.  The largest traffic exchange in the industry should be part of your marketing strategy. EasyHits4U

#3 – InternetTraffic24/7 or affectionately called IT.  This exchange has been growing strong and is committed to quality site views for your ads, which could be why it is producing results for our advertising.  (HINT:  Use Banners)IT

Top 3 Safelists / Viral Mailers:

#1 – Viral Nugget is an established safelist with a sound and active membership. Viral Nugget

#2 – Viral Safelist Mailer is our sister site.  It makes perfect sense we would be focusing our ads there thus bringing in a good amount of new members. Viral Safelist Mailer

#3 – Fast Cash Mailer is an active viral mailer which is growing daily.  We focus quite a bit of advertising here, including purchasing Login Spotlight Ads.Fast Cash Mailer

Top 3 Downline Builders

#1 – TeTraining.  Lucie Bellemare is a MONSTER affiliate marketer who has developed her own system.  You don’t have to be a big company to succeed. Te Training

#2 – Your Eight Steps is a downline builder for those who are serious about building an online business.  This is not just traffic sites it is much, much more. Your Eight Steps

#3 – Viral Bonuses is a downline builder which awards its members with negotiated bonuses.  The owners do the work and the members get the rewards.  Viral Bonuses

These are the Top 3 sites in each of the corresponding categories.  These sites brought in the most new members to Hot Flash Hits in that specific category. There were thousands of referrals brought in from thousands of different places.  Each advertising venue serves a purpose and a goal for the advertiser.  If your time is limited, pick and choose wisely.  Track your results and make your own Top 3 List for different ad venues.

In part 2, I will give the Top 3 Lists for the sites which brought in the most referrals to Viral Safelist Mailer.  You might think they are the same but there is quite a difference in 2 of these 3 categories.

MARKETING TIP:  Use Downline Builders!  They are huge for us and bringing in new members.


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10 Responses to Year End Stats Time – Top 3 Lists, Part 1

  1. I am very pleased being in the top 3 of traffic exchanges. I am delighted that it is growing and to be a part of that group of three is huge.

    great members and doing something different helps big time. amazing im just grinning ear to ear right now love seeing IT and the members at the top of people marketing results. that speaks volumes.

    thank you for sharing no i need to join some programs too LOL
    James Dias (@it_247) recently posted..DID IT againMy Profile

  2. Veronica Smith says:

    Thank you for the list, I will surely use it. Nice to see that our Viral Safelist Mailer is #2.

    Lady V

  3. John Bell says:

    Awesome to see Traffic Swirl on there! Now I’ve got to work on making sure my other site’s are at the top of their categories this time next year!

  4. Cathy says:

    Traffic Swirl is one of the most active traffic exchanges in the industry. Congrats John.

  5. I’m happy to see Viral Nugget and Viral Bonuses produced well for you in 2013 – onwards to 2014!
    Darren Olander recently posted..BuildMyDownlines New Updates!My Profile

  6. Sharmila Parte says:

    Thanks Cathy for sharing the list. I am a member on most of the sites. My most favorite is of course Traffic Swirl. :)

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