Year End Stats Time – Top 3 Lists, Part 2

Top 3As promised, its time for Part 2 of our Year End Stats Top 3 Lists.  This time we will give you the sites which brought in the most referrals at Viral Safelist Mailer.  OHHH, something I forgot to mention in the last post, these stats are compiled from the combination of our members advertising and our own advertising.  So these are not just places we advertise but places any of our members may have advertised at over the course of this time frame.  With Viral Safelist Mailer, we launched in September so these stats are compiled from then.

Viral Safelist Mailer Year End Results

Top 3 Traffic Exhanges:

#1 – EasyHits4U is the largest traffic exchange in the industry.  I am very happy to see our members are actively promoting there.  This is one every marketer should use daily.


#2 – Traffic Swirl is again producing results.  Listed as #1 for bringing in referrals in our Part 1 post.  It is obvious this is a place you need to advertise.


#3 – Hot Flash Hits is our sister site.  We focus a lot of our advertising to our core traffic exchange members.  It is great to see members joining both sites. 

Top 3 Safelists / Viral Mailers:

#1 – Viral Mail Profits has brought in an astounding number of members to VSM.  Managed by some of the best in the business, you need to be advertising here.


#2 – Build My Downlines was recently redesigned with added features.  This mailer is building for the future and I recommend adding it to your resources.


#3 – Soaring Mailer is a new LFMTE mailer which continues to grow and produce results.  The owner has years of marketing experience and we expect the site to continue to grow and improve in the future. 

Top 3 Downline Builders

#1 – Referral Frenzy  is a unique downline builder which is limited to 150 members.  This is the creation of Marty Petrizza and is a paid downline builder which works.


#2 – Affiliate Funnel is one of the original downline builders.  This is a great place to join and start building your downlines by promoting one link.


#3 – List Hoopla has been testing and ranking sites since 2002.  This is a good option for building your safelist downlines by promoting one link. 



These are the Top 3 sites in 3 different advertising categories.  These sites brought in the most new members to Viral Safelist Mailer in the corresponding category. These lists reflect the combination of our members advertising and our own.  For best results, track your ads and make your own Top 3 List for the different types of advertising resources.

MARKETING TIP:  Use Downline Builders!  They are huge for us and bringing in new members.  Be sure to take the time to fill in the downline builder at any site you advertise.

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4 Responses to Year End Stats Time – Top 3 Lists, Part 2

  1. Good info to know. Strange how sometimes we all get results from some of the same programs. yet often, it seems each of us gets best results from none of the same advertising venues.

    • Cathy says:

      Different pages convert better at certain sites. It is important to use trial and error when advertising. That is why everyone should be tracking their own results.

  2. veronica smith says:

    It is good to see what sites does the best. I never have gotten much results with Easyhits4u but I know I probably should use it more. It has a long timer for free members.


    Lady V

    • Cathy says:

      EasyHits4U is such a large site it can be frustrating to use. But, the results it produces when used consistently make it worth the effort.

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