To Upgrade or Not, That Is The Question

Many traffic exchange members are not sure if they should upgrade.  I decided to put together a side by side comparison between two of our members.  I grabbed the stats of these two members because they are two leaders in the traffic exchange industry.  Obviously, I’m not going to use names but I wanted you to get a good comparison.

The Comparison

Member A- Is a FREE Member of Hot Flash Hits.  This member has 180 Referrals which have produced 115 Sales for $51.63 in Commissions.

Member B- Is an Upgraded Member at the Top Level at Hot Flash Hits.  This member has 12 Referrals which have produced 84 Sales for $307.62 in Commissions.

Take a closer look:
Member A – Free Member     – 115 Sales – 180 Referrals- $51.63  Commissions
Member B – Upgraded Member – 84 Sales  – 12 Referrals – $307.62 Commissions

Here are some things I get from this comparison:
Member A, the Free Member, has done a great job getting referrals with 180 total so far.  This member is actively promoting Hot Flash Hits and it is paying off.  To date, these referrals have generated 115 Sales.

Member B, the Upgraded Member, upgraded and promoted Hot Flash Hits briefly.  They did a good job getting 12 Active referrals but then stopped promoting. They have made good commissions and continue to earn from their active referrals.

My Conclusion

Member A would be making much more in commissions if they were upgraded.  If that member continues to promote Hot Flash Hits, it makes total sense to upgrade and earn the higher percentage on the commissions they are already earning.

Member B who got some very active referrals should be building on that good start.  This member is already upgraded and should continue building their referrals so their commissions will grow.

Bottom Line

If you are going to work a business, by all means Upgrade.  If you are going to Upgrade, then by all means work the business.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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8 Responses to To Upgrade or Not, That Is The Question

  1. veronica smith says:

    Great blog Cathy and Jo. I like the break down and it really makes sense to upgrade. The thing to do is advertise, advertise, advertise.

    Its good to get a lot of referrals but they will need to upgrade to make that kind of money.

    Lady V

  2. DA Riley says:

    Love the bottom line!

    Need to copyright that!!
    DA Riley recently posted..The GiveAway…My Profile

  3. When my referrals begin making purchases, I take a look at the sites upgrade benefits. This is always the best time to consider an upgrade, if you havn’t already.

    **I make the most commissions from the sites i have upgraded at.**

    It is so important to watch what your referrals are doing. If you don’t, you are losing money big time…
    Marcy McManaway recently posted..Working online is a business… a risky business!My Profile

  4. Again excellent post and you are right – I remember when I first started and had limited income – it was not that I didn’t want to upgrade just couldn’t afford it at the time – but at that time what people were not teaching was to pick ONE site and promote, promote, promote – build up your referrals and when that site is making enough money to pay your upgrade plus (and it will if you stay focused) then pick another site and do the same thing
    Nancy Radlinger recently posted..Did you just close the door in my face?My Profile

    • Cathy says:

      I agree focusing on one site, in the beginning, is very important for your success. Once you have a few referrals under your belt, it is essential to capitalize your commissions by upgrading and earning the higher percentage.
      FOCUS one One – Upgrade -> PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!

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