Stop Hoarding Your Credits

One of the frustrating things we run across, as the owner of a traffic exchange, is the fact many members will keep thousands of credits in their account without assigning them to their ads. One thing I know for sure: If you don’t have your ad in rotation, you will not get a sign up. This FACT I guarantee!

Why Are You Hoarding Credits?

We have many members who have thousands of credits in their account with ZERO credits assigned to their ads. This is a sure fire way to NOT grow your business. They key to successful online marketing is to get as many views to your ads or website as possible. You want to get these views 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, without fail. You have the ability to get opt-ins, sign ups and referrals, from all over the world, at your fingertips. Use your credits and impressions to keep your sites, banners and text ads rotating constantly.

With that said, I do understand saving up credits for a marketing push. But, unless you are consciously creating a bulk of credits to create a huge marketing push, then I see no reason to hoard your credits. Get your ads in rotation. Set aside a few days a month as credit assign day. Stop hoarding your credits! They aren’t building your business by sitting in your account.

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4 Responses to Stop Hoarding Your Credits

  1. James Dias says:

    To save or to assign – that is the question.

    Your post is a good one. I on only a few occasions have been asked not to assign all of my credits. as it will flood an exchange. and i get that that is logical to me.

    Some sites run so hot and its almost an issue to want to assign credits till the slow down or boost the surf ratio so that I might get some space in between hits. I can see some tes with only a half dozen sites in rotation. and it KILLS me to assign then cause 6 people will see my site 50 times in the next 30 Min.

    The other side is true A cold exchange I may login every 4 months and assign 1500 credits and 4 months later i have earned 2500 more but only used 500.

    I agree sitting on a fat stack of credits is a pain for the owners. But as an owner my self i want the best hits i can get and some times waiting is a good thing.

    Maybe boosting the auto assign at some sites would benefit more then just the owners I dont care if its 10% or 100% i earn my credits through affiliate marketing and buying as i don’t surf more then a couple hundred pages a week.

    I think i got way off topic having too many credits in the bank …. sounds like an amazing email to the membership with a surplus of credits doing nothing…

    Your Friend
    James “Mac n cheese” Dias

  2. Cathy says:

    Each exchange is responsible for the “burn” of credits. I understand the frustration when you assign credits and two months later you still have some assigned. Plus, even worse is assigning credits and they evaporate within hours of that assignment.
    But, this post was targeting those members with THOUSANDS and TENS OF THOUSANDS of credits in their account without having any assigned at all. The burn of traffic can not affect credits sitting idly in their account.
    Surf – Assign – Repeat! It is the traffic exchange industry!
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  3. Ken Wolff says:

    Great post Cathy! There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to credits. I have written many of blog post on credits myself. I do not hoard credits intentionally … it just happens as I do surf a lot of different places and earn credits because I am upgraded in a lot of places too. I use credits in a number of different ways. Assigning credits to get traffic to my sites is one thing. I also like to reward members in my downline for being active when that feature is available. When my downline is active I earn even more credits in some cases. Another way that I use credits is with Team Surfing. As an upgraded member of sites you can lead a team of members competing for additional rewards sometimes including cash as well as credits. Keep an eye out for The Soaring Eagle Teams … LOL Well that is probably way too much information….I will go look and see if I can put some credits to good use!

  4. Cathy says:

    Awesome Ken. Hopefully you gave some members and idea on how to use their personal credits to encourage or help grow their downlines.
    Thank you!
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