Huge Changes For Smiley Traffic Because Members Rule

Have you heard the news? There have been huge changes over at Smiley Traffic. So huge that you could say Smiley Traffic is gone forever. One of the oldest and most successful traffic exchanges online, Smiley Traffic built it’s membership base to over 150,000 members. Those numbers are impressive on their own but realizing Smiley Traffic was an auto/manual traffic exchange fighting to stay alive in a competitive cut-throat industry makes those numbers even more impressive.

For those of you who loved the auto surf features of Smiley Traffic it may be a sad day. But Smiley Traffic members should have no fear. Owner, Vern, is taking things in a new direction with the same focus on rewarding his members. If you have ever had a conversation with Vern, you know he puts his members first. Which is why he named his new site: Members Rule.

Members Rule

Members Rule will be a manual only traffic exchange. Including many of the great features you have come to expect from other LFM exchanges but with Vern’s commitment to rewarding members for building their downlines. As Vern likes to say: Your Members ARE Your Sales/Recruiting Force, Give Them A Reason To Promote You. Members CAN Promote Better than You, If YOU Give them a Reason. And that is EXACTLY what he is doing over at Members Rule. Get rewarded for each referral you bring in to Members Rule. Plus, coming August 15th he will add the Top Promoter Contest which rewards members for getting views to their affiliate pages.

This is the perfect time to experience a traffic exchange built by a legend in the industry. Some may call him controversial. Some may call him crazy. I call him committed to his members and building an exchange up to his personal standards of excellence.

If you were a member of Smiley Traffic, then your account will be active over at Members Rule. Just login with your Smiley Traffic username and password, everything will be in place. If you were not a member of Smiley Traffic, then I highly suggest you join Members Rule as soon as possible. Imagine a brand new site filled with members waiting to view your ads from day one.

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