Busy and Booming

BusyBeeWorking Hard To Get Things Done

What a fantastic time of year for the traffic exchange industry.  It seems everyone is busy working hard getting things done. People are revamping established sites and launching new sites.  I absolutely love the activity.  There is so much positive energy flowing I can’t wait to log on each morning to see what is happening today.  You can see the hard work and energy owners are putting in to establish some great advertising tools or improve ones which are already in business.  Newly launched sites include: Massive Traffic List owned by Beth Allen and Delivering Traffic owned by Patti Boquist.  Revamped sites include: Adventure Advertising Center owned by Cheryl Biggs and Fast Easy Traffic owned by Tim Rash.  Each of these advertising resources is busy with activity and creating a boom in the industry.

Positive Energy Is FlowingPositive Energy

Positive energy is flowing and you can feel it in the industry.  My hopes are it’s not just the holidays giving everyone this feel good feeling but a true breath of positivity moving across the industry.  Kudos to Marlene Moore and Nancy Radlinger for reaching across uncertain boundaries and creating a caring event for traffic exchange members.  Their unique idea for an “All I Want For Christmas Is A Free Upgrade” promotion is a perfect example of bringing owners together.  Way to go ladies!

Busy and BoomingBoom

With all the activity and positivity energy flowing, business is booming.  Our fantastic members set a new weekly surfing record and we are on pace to match that this week.  It is such a joy to work in this industry and watch people succeed.  I get a huge thrill out viewing successful launches, watching successful promotions, and working with our members.  The bottom line is the majority of people working online are looking to make some extra income.  When the industry is booming, it has a positive effect on the members and the owners.

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  1. Awesome post and you are so right – it’s great having all this positive energy flowing and I really do hope that it continues. Thanks for sharing about our “big” event and we are so looking forward to it.
    Nancy Radlinger recently posted..Applauding the Traffic Exchange IndustryMy Profile

  2. Great Blog post Cathy, And Agree with Nancy the more the industry continues to work toward common goals the more successful we’re all going to be in bring outside advertisers into this market with physical products.

  3. thanks girls for the kudos and to tell ya the truth we never expected such a response from this it is so great to see so much positive energy during the holiday season. This is just a simple way to show our members how much we care about them and appreciate them thanks again for the kudos none of this would be possible without all of us doing it together

  4. James Dias says:

    Great post

    I love the feel of the post too. very up beat and uplifting. its often not enought to write or talk about being positive but to do it too.

    thank you for the great post.

    James Dias
    James Dias recently posted..No timer SurfMy Profile

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