Surfer Bowl Sundays

Are You Ready For Some Football?

FootballWe are Super Excited to be starting up Surfer Bowl Sunday. This promo started in Oct of 2012. It has changed over the years but it is still one of my favorites! This time it is Hot Flash Hits and Splash-Wave. We are doing a cross promo between our 2 sites for some Fun, Cash and Tons of FREE Hits for your business. Surf 150 at each site and you choose your prize: $0.05 or 50 credits.

Join us every Sunday during football season for this Gridiron Fun!

FootballCross Promo means your username and email need to be the same at BOTH sites to claim the prize.

3 Responses to Surfer Bowl Sundays

  1. tim montoya says:

    hello everyone wanted to stop by sayya done a fab job wtg and keep up the great posts.

    tim & addie

  2. Veronica Smith says:

    Great job Ladies. You are always keeping it fresh and a fun place to surf.

    Veronica Smith

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