The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Plan

Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect affiliate marketing plan? The number one question we get asked is how can I make money online. First, you need a plan. Below I will outline a perfect plan for beginning affiliate marketers.

Step 1 – Find a Product

The absolute first thing you need is a product to market. It is now you need to realize you are not going to make any money unless someone spends money on a product. Collecting free pennies may be fun but, if you are wanting to create a monthly income, you need to market a product. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get started. In our step 1 we want to find an affordable product which you can promote without causing any financial stress on your budget. Enter the banner co-op programs. A banner co-op allows your banner ads to get views from other members ad displays. Your banners will display over and over again at ad venues you may not even know about. You COULD NOT possibly advertise to this many potential customers… ALL BY YOURSELF! That is the genius of using banner co-ops.

There are several banner co-ops out there which you could use for your #1 product. Most of them are very affordable. One of the new ones is Viral Ads Club which only allows it’s upgraded members to display banners. This is the type of market I like to target. Paying members who will display your banners at places they find valuable. Viral Ads Club is very affordable at only $2.95 a month. This minimum investment gives you a legitimate product to market.

Viral Ads Club


Step 2 – Marketing Strategy

Now you have found a product to take to market you need a marketing strategy to build your business. The great thing about using a banner co-op as your product is it gives you the ability to build more than one stream of affiliate income. Not only can you build your downline in the banner co-op itself, you can build your downline in another affiliate product of your choice.

This is how it works: you take your banner co-op page and put it in rotation at all of your traffic sources. This will create ad impressions for the banners you have listed inside the banner co-op. You will be receiving traffic to your banner co-op affiliate link while, at the same time, building up ad impressions for your own banners which will be displayed when the other co-op members send traffic to their co-op link.

This is an efficient way to market more than one affiliate program. When you choose the banners you want to display from inside the co-op rotation, it would be wise to promote another site where you are upgraded. You can very easily find another traffic source which has an affiliate program where you can earn 30-50% commissions if you are upgraded. Find a program where you can upgrade for a maximum of $7.05 a month. Add this to the $2.95 a month for the banner co-op and you are ONLY SPENDING $10.00 a month on your online business.

Step 3 – Build Your Traffic

The final, and possibly hardest, step is to build your traffic. We created a multi- income affiliate business by upgrading in 2 sites: the banner co-op and one traffic source. We are spending $10.00 a month, or less, on our online business. Now we want to get maximum exposure to our co-op ad page so we can grow our online business. This will require either time or additional cash to build the traffic. First, you should utilize the one traffic resource you have chosen to upgrade in to the max. Make sure to use all the resources inside to gain traffic exposure to your co-op ads. By upgrading at a traffic source, you will normally gain ad credits at a higher rate than a free member so be sure to use this resource.

For more traffic, pick 5 traffic sources a month and do your best to get 1000 hits a day to your banner co-op affiliate page. 1000 may seem like a lot to a beginner but it’s not. With 5 traffic sources a month, that is only 200 page views a day at each source. Then, pick 5 different traffic resources the next month and do the same thing. Create 1000 hits a day to your co-op ad page. Repeat this cycle each and every month. (And yes, you can re-use some of the earlier traffic resources.)

Above, I tried to outline the perfect affiliate marketing plan any beginner with a small budget can use to start building an online business. I hope you find some of this information useful in your journey to building your online business.

One of Our Traffic Resources:

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Hot Flash Hits Is Five Years Old And Still Red Hot!

Hot Flash Hits is Five Years Old and Still Red Hot! We will be commemorating 5 years in business with a huge celebration. It’s been a great journey with lots of learning curves along the way. One thing is for sure, we appreciate each and every one of our members who have stayed with us over the years. It is the members which make a membership site good or bad and we have been blessed with a great group of quality and dedicated members from day 1. To us, our members feel like family. Whether you have been with us 5 years or just joined 5 minutes ago, thank you for being part of the Hot Flash Hits Family.

Celebration Details

The 5 Year Celebration will be August 5th through August 7th.

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We always look forward to celebration time as it gives us the opportunity to give back to our most active members. It should be fun, we hope you will join us. Thank you for being a member of Hot Flash Hits!


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