Getting Referrals Is Easy

PeopleWhiteGetting referrals is easy. Getting active referrals is not. Growing your online business is a numbers game. You want to be persistent with your marketing so your business will grow. Since only about 1 out of 10 referrals will become active, you can see where growing your business will take time and persistence.

Getting Referrals

Whether you are growing your personal list or building your affiliate business, getting referrals or opt-ins should be your number one goal. Since building your business is playing a numbers game, you want to get as many referrals or opt-ins per day as possible. If you think of the number referrals you get per day as the building blocks to your business, then you will understand the importance of putting more blocks down each day. Eventually some of your block foundation (referrals), will become active. If you are averaging 1-10% activity rate from your referrals, this means out of every 10 referrals you will get about 1 active referral. In larger number, about 10 active referrals per 100. Can you see why consistently building your business is so important? It truly is a numbers game.

Keep Growing

These numbers may seem extremely low to you. Trust me I understand where you are coming from with that thinking. When I first started building my online business, I thought everyone I came in contact with would be just as motivated and excited as I was to be working online. I learned they are not. Even though you may experience periods of success averaging higher percentages of active referrals. As you keep growing your business, the activity number will level out. The KEY is to KEEP GROWING. If you average only 1 referral per day: 30 per month – 360 per year. At a 10% success rate, you will have 36 active referrals by the end of the year. That’s fantastic. If you want more, work harder but whatever you do keep growing.

Getting referrals is easy but the truth about getting active referrals is it takes time and persistence to build your numbers. Work those averages.

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