Congratulations Traffic Speedway

This is one of those times where hard work and dedication has paid off.  Congratulations to Randy Fountain and the members of Traffic Speedway for climbing the TE Rankers and becoming the one of the Featured Sites for Commando Surf this week.

CommandoPageAnyone who knows Randy, the owner of Traffic Speedway, knows he is dedicated to his traffic exchange.  He is a one site owner who really cares about his members and wants to build Traffic Speedway in to a responsive advertising venue.  Well it looks like all his work is starting to pay off and get noticed.  Traffic Speedway has always delivered a nice flow of quality traffic and always brings in new members to our sites.  Being one of the Featured Sites in Commando Surf, I guarantee the results will keep getting better.

Congrats to Randy and all the Speedy members. Thank you for building a quality advertising resource I am proud to recommend to our friends.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

One of our advertising resources:

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You Don’t Have to Join Everything

It’s a Monday, you know how it goes: You see the announcement of a new launch and you get a little excited inside.  You think to yourself, maybe if I get in this one early I can build a huge downline and make lots of money.  The next thing you know one of your online friends asks you have you joined the new site yet?  It’s gonna be great – here is my link.  Your heart sinks just a little and you wonder to yourself, how did they get in before me.  So, you join from your friends link and start promoting.  You put your ads out there and you pull in a couple referrals.  You like the new site but you aren’t getting the number of referrals you thought you would get. Maybe you got in too late.  I mean your friend had joined before you so you must have joined too late again.  Then you know what happens?  It’s a Monday and you see the announcement of a new launch…………….


If you want to grow a downline in a program it takes commitment.  I was chatting with a friend the other day who had decided to promote one of the JAC Traffic products.  This friend even mentioned “it will be tougher” to grow a downline in our site because it has been online longer.  We chatted for a bit and a plan was put in to action.  48 hours later this friend has 12 new referrals.  What?  Yes, 12 new referrals to an established site.  It can be done but you must make the commitment to grow your downline.

Making Affiliate Commissions

If you want to make money online and earn those affiliate commissions, pick a site with these qualities:

-A Site or Owner with an established reputation.

-A Site with a hard working and accessible owner.

-A Site that pays commissions regularly without fail.

I personally prefer to promote a site where I know the owner or I know the site has been online for quite some time and has a good reputation for paying its members.  Pick one site or two or three, depending on your marketing comfort level, and then promote like a mad man.  Promote – Promote – Promote and then Promote some more.  Promote for months even years, that is how you build downlines.

Remember, you don’t have to join everything.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

Happy 1st Anniversary to Jackie & James @ TE Blaster.  This is one of our advertising resources.

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