It’s Monday, My Favorite Day of the Week

MondayIt’s Monday, my favorite day of the week. Monday’s are filled with excitement as we begin a new week with the anticipation of what can be accomplished to grow our business.

How About You? Do you like Mondays?

At JAC Traffic Products,  Monday means the Top Promoter Contest has reset.  The Top Promoter Contest is a great way for you to be rewarded for promoting your favorite affiliate links.

Earn 1 point for each view to your link receives.  Earn more points for promoting
at the selected Weekly Target Sites.

What is great about the Top Promoter Contest is that it, not only, rewards you for taking action and promoting but it, also, gives you a way to track your affiliate progress.

Week after Week we watch as the Top Promoters bring in the MOST NEW REFERRALS.

Did you catch that?

Promoting equals new Referrals for YOU!
It’s a Winning situation all around.

Two of our JAC Traffic sites currently have the Top Promoter Contest Mod installed:

Hot Flash Hits And Viral Safelist Mailer,

Login today and check out the Target Sites-
Then get your ads out there and track your progress as you climb that leaderboard!  There are 14 Prizes up for Grabs each and every week.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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Spending Time Online Is Not The Same As Working

clockblurredSpending time online is NOT the same as working.  It is very easy to kill time doing nothing.  You may think you are working but, in reality, you are only killing precious time.  Call me Guilty As Charged!  I have done it myself many times.

Schedule Your Day

For me, the easiest way to avoid the time suck is to schedule out my day.  To avoid distractions, I need daily tasks to complete.  These tasks can be something simple, like surfing 200 pages at Tezak Traffic Power every day during the month of July, to something more complicated, like developing a new auto-responder campaign for my list of subscribers.  With task 1, I am generating traffic to my website.  With task 2, I am developing the communications with my list.  Both are important aspects of marketing and need to be accomplished to grow my online business.  By scheduling the time to do these tasks, I have prioritized the task importance in my day.

Spend Your Time Accomplishing Tasks

As you plan out your day and map out how much time you will spend online, it is important that you spend that time accomplishing tasks.  If you are one of those people who sit down at the computer then look up and an hour is gone, you are in urgent need of a task list.  You may have to turn off Skype, leave Facebook closed, and ignore Pinterest until you have accomplished your task list.  Hey, but you have been told to be social to grow your business, right? Yes, and it is true people would rather buy products from people they know like and trust.  But, there is a fine line between being “social” and killing time.  If you want to spend 20 minutes playing games on Facebook, schedule in to your day.  Or, better yet, make it a REWARD for completing your task list.  Prioritizing your time will help your business grow.

As you start your computer, sit down at your desk, and start your work day, remember spending time online is not the same as working.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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