Hot Flash Hits 4 Year Celebration

The Hot Flash Hits 4 Year Celebration is underway. We were so busy yesterday I didn’t even have time to get a blog post out about all the events.  So, here it is a day after the party started….but hey, I think that’s a good thing.  The site is Rockin and members are having a blast.  Over 500 Cash Prize Pages were claimed on the first day. Whoo Whoo!  Activity is through the roof so be sure to assign credits to your ads for some super advertising exposure.

Jolynn and I want to THANK YOU our dedicated members and WELCOME all the new members. We promise to continue to work hard to make Hot Flash Hits a great manual traffic exchange with active members who view your ads.  Without further ado, here are the 4 Year Celebration Details:

Magical Journey Celebration Party
$25.00 Grand Prize
5 Winners of $5.00
10 Winners of $1.00

Join MJDLB to Participate In These Prizes

For More MJDLB Party Details >CLICK HERE<


400 Daily Cash Prizes
Minimum $.02
Win Up to $.44


TE Headquarters

Wednesday, August 5th
Win Cash Prizes
Join TE Headquarters to Participate In These Prizes



Viral Traffic Games

Thursday, August 6th
Collect VTG Diamonds While Surfing
Win VTG Cash Prizes
Join Viral Traffic Games to Participate In These Prizes


$1.00 Unicorn Prize Page Hunt
Friday, August 7th

10 Winners of $1.00
Find the Magical Journey $1.00 Prize Page
Join MJDLB to Participate In These Prizes


Bonus Commando Surf Boost
Earn 15 to 44% Bonus Credits

For Participating Commando Sites >CLICK HERE<


4 Year Limited Edition Sticker

Surf 244 to Claim the Sticker
Worth $.04 and 2 Tokens

Added to Your AdOne-Ten Account
Sticker Can Be Claimed Daily

Click Birthday Sticker to Join AdOne-Ten
ADOne-TEN is for Traffic Exchange Owners & Surfers!


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Your Site Sucks!

No one wants to hear these three awful words: “Your Site Sucks!” I mean feedback is good but that would be a mean and horrible thing to say. I was reading a post by Barry Langdon where he correctly conveyed the message that most people prefer to get a “pat on the back”.  But, how can you expect to improve your site and your business if everyone is giving you a pat on the back. You can’t.

Honest Feedback

Every site owner or business person needs to get honest feedback from their customers and peers. Getting honest feedback is the quickest and easiest way to make adjustments and improvements to your business. Getting honest feedback can be a tricky endeavor.  You don’t want someone who is only going to give you a “pat on the back” and you don’t want someone who is going to tell you “your site sucks”.  You need someone who will give you constructive criticism with ideas for improvement. Or, if nothing else, can show you what is working for them. My suggestion is to go outside your current circle of influence and look for someone, in your industry, who is willing to give you an in depth analysis. Someone who doesn’t know you very well but who does know the industry you work in. Someone you respect and trust to give you honest feedback.

Realize not everyone will be willing to take the time to analyze your business. But, if someone you respect takes the time to give you an in-depth analysis, then be ready to make some changes. I’ve seen many times where a site owner asked for feedback and then never made any changes. Don’t be that person. If you want to make a better business:  get honest feedback and make changes based on that feedback.

Make It Your Year~ Jolynn & Cathy

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