How Many Traffic Exchanges Do You Surf at a Time?

As an online marketer, I am looking to have my ads in as many traffic exchanges as possible. Unless you have an unlimited budget, at some point you will need to surf traffic exchanges to earn those advertising credits. This leads to the question: How Many Traffic Exchanges Do You Surf at a Time?

Surfing Bonuses

The trend seems to be growing for members to surf more sites at a time to earn more surfing bonuses. There are a variety of bonus systems now in place varying from Commando Surf, Party Surf, GPower Surf, Nerd Surf, Power Surf Central and I’m sure I have missed others. Most of these surfing bonuses kick in when you are surfing 3, 4 or 5 sites at a time. The majority of these have “Core” Sites which must be surfed to activate the surfing bonus. With the exception of Party Surf, which allows you to pick any 3 sites in the bonus system you want to surf to get the surfing bonus to kick in. You can surf more than 3 but 3 is the minimum to get your surfing bonus.

Many members I know actually surf sites in the different bonus system to complete their surfing task for the day. I think this is pretty smart and recommend you open up the coinciding bonus system before you start surfing. This way you can target sites inside the bonus system and get more advertising for your surfing time.

My Surf Schedule

When I am surfing for traffic, I normally try to surf a bonus system with the addition of Traffic G and / or EasyHits4U in the mix.  Traffic G and EasyHits4U are both places that I want to constantly have our advertising. They both have longer timers so adding them to my surf schedule with a bonus system makes sense to me.

Surfing for extra bonus credits can greatly enhance your marketing power but you still need to surf the number of sites which is at a comfortable level for you.  Find your comfort zone and stick with it. Remember you want to take time to view the ads you are surfing just like you would want other surfers to view your ads.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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Secret Santa is Back!

quietsantaSecret Santa is Back at Hot Flash Hits! This is one of my favorite seasonal promo events. Plus, it gives us the chance to give back to our members with more surfing bonuses.

Here is how it works:

Step 1- Surf the Target Site and Find the Secret Santa Prize Page.

Step 2- Claim Your Prize!

Step 3 – Take the Secret Santa Surf Challenge at Hot Flash Hits.

Step 4 – Complete the Surf Challenge at Hot Flash Hits to Win a Cash Prize.Christmas Tree

We just loaded up the Secret Santa Surf Challenge Prize Pages with $100 CASH!

The Secret Santa Prize Page can be found at a outside advertising resources= we are calling that the Target Site. Surf the Target Site until you find the first Secret Santa Prize Page. After you claim your Prize, you will be given a Secret Santa Surfers Challenge to complete at Hot Flash Hits. If you complete this challenge, you will win a CASH Prize! Check the members area each day to find the Target Site.

Today’s Secret Santa Prize Page can be found at Quality Page Views:

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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