Bonus Reward Systems at Hot Flash Hits

Hot Flash Hits participates in the Bonus Reward Systems
listed below as a way to bring more excitement and
rewards to our active members. Participation in the
Bonus Reward Systems is completely voluntary.
Have Fun & Earn More at Hot Flash Hits!

Play the VTG Game at least 10 times each day,
at Hot Flash Hits, to earn a Surf Token.
If you collect a Minimum of 5 Surf Tokens Each Week,
the following week you will earn MORE POINTS.
Win Cash & Prizes from Viral Traffic Games.
Top Points Collectors will be Promoted to the Next
League Level at VTG with Higher Prizes!

Ultimate Pro Members will find the VTG Game
Every 15-17 pages surfed.
Earn Cash Rewards.
Earn 50% More Points.

Pro Members will find the VTG Game
Every 15-20 pages surfed.
Earn Cash Rewards.
Earn 40% More Points.

Surfers Special Members will find the VTG Game
Every 15-25 pages surfed.
Earn Cash Rewards.
Earn 30% More Points.

Free Members will find the VTG Game
Every 25-30 pages surfed.
NO Cash Rewards
NO Bonus Points

For More Surf League Details Go to Viral Traffic Games

AdOne-Ten is a multi-purpose site which provides
two different rewards for our members.
STICKERS- Our members can collect Stickers.
Some Stickers have a Cash Value and other
Stickers have Tokens attached to them.
Cash in those Tokens for real tangible prizes.
Check out the Prize List HERE.
PARTY SURF- Surf multiple party surf sites
at the same time and earn 10% to 20%
more credits per click. This is an efficient way to
earn more advertising credits for your business.
Find Other Party Surf Sites HERE.

TE Command Post- Provides Hot Flash Hits Members
the ability to earn 10% to 100% Bonus Credits while
Commando Surfing. This is a fantastic way to earn
more advertising efficiently while surfing.
Set up your TE Command Post and start earning
more credits with every click. Find Out More HERE.

Flash Points are the Hot Flash Hits
Internal Reward System. Flash Points
are completely unique to HFH and
are a Fun & Easy way to earn bonuses.
Collect Points and trade them for credits,
banners or text ads. Keep collecting and
trade them for some Hot Flash Hits Swag!
Trade Your Flash Points HERE.

We are currently testing the Zubee Zone Emerald Hunter Prize Page.

Look For Game Card Every 30 Pages Surfed,
Find Emeralds Behind The Game Pieces,
The More Emeralds You Find,
The MORE Zubees you Win!

These are the current Bonus Rewards Systems in place at Hot Flash Hits. In the comments below, please tell us which is your favorite and why?  Also, mention any other rewards systems you like to see at your favorite traffic exchanges.  Thanks!

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Downline Builders Dominate This Top 4 List

Downline builders have always proven to bring in a ton of new members to Hot Flash Hits. Over the last couple of months, downline builders are dominating our Top Referrals List. The following websites have brought in more than 20 referrals each to Hot Flash Hits over the last 2 months. We highly recommend these resources to all affiliate marketers in the traffic exchange industry.

  1. Affiliate Funnel – Affiliate Funnel is a well established downline builder and ranker. This is a huge marketing tool and has some great promo pages which allow you to build multiple downlines at one time.

Affiliate Funnel

2. Your Eight Steps – Your Eight Steps concentrates on helping you build your online business by turning traffic into leads. This one is for serious business minded affiliates.

YOur Eight Steps

3. Traffic Swirl – Traffic Swirl is the only TE on the current top 4 list. Traffic Swirl is a unique traffic exchange with a ton of one of a kind features for its members. The membership is active and responsive.

Traffic Swirl

4. TE Headquarters – This downline builder is fantastic for learning to become an affiliate marketer. It lets you concentrate your advertising in 10 of the top traffic exchanges in the industry. It, also, rewards the members in a variety of ways and includes a specialized promo event – The Hullabaloo.

TE HeadquartersWe highly recommend you utilize these affiliate marketing resources.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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