Is Your Marketing Fun?

I love this time of year.  It is a time when I like to get creative and have some fun with our marketing.  Is your marketing fun? Bring out your fun side and get noticed while you are marketing. Add some pizazz to your marketing campaigns. In the traffic exchange industry it is easy to become numb to the ads we see everyday.  The holidays give you a great excuse to “Stand Out” and be different.  But, above all else, make your marketing fun!

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Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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Holiday Marketing Push

Marketing_PushOctober is here and like it or not this means the holidays are around the corner.  Now is the time for a good old fashioned Holiday Marketing Push! Every day thousands of people sit down at their computer and type in the search phrase “How to make money online”.  The holidays bring people searching for ways to earn some extra holiday cash.  There is no better time than now to get your offers in front of these eager prospects.

How To Create a Marketing Push

Creating a marketing push means you are driving more traffic to your website or affiliate page. This does not happen by randomly posting your website link on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  You need more eyeballs on your ads than just your social friends.  And let’s face it, the majority of your social friends will not view the links you post online anyway.  You need a real plan to create a marketing push.  You need a clear objective of  your marketing goals and you need a measurable way of bringing more traffic to your ads.

Step 1- Write down your marketing goal.  What do you want to achieve from now until the end of the year?  How much in sales do you want to generate?  How many new prospects do you want to gain on your list?  How much website traffic do you need to reach these goals?

Step 2- Create a marketing plan with a theme. Create your ads with a synchronize flow about them.  This can be anything from a fluent color scheme to pinpointing your bullet points.  Stick with this theme for the next three months.

Step 3- Now you need to drive massive website traffic to your website or affiliate pages. If you normally get 1000 website hits per day, then during your marketing push you need to get 5000 website hits per day.  Think BIG!  Use every resource available to you.  Marketing online allows you to create a circle of advertising.  Simple marketing sources include getting traffic from viral mailers, traffic exchanges, and PTC sites.  More advanced marketing techniques include blogging, article marketing, forum posting and video creation.  In the end, you want to create a circle of advertising which forms a path always pointing to your great product.

The holiday season brings a lot of new people online searching for opportunities to create extra income.  Take advantage of the season and create a stand out Holiday Marketing Push!

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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