Calling Out New Traffic Exchange Owners

handshakeTrue Story Time: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) A couple weeks ago during a mailer launch, I received a Skype friend request from a new owner in the mailer industry.  I accepted the friend request but was never approached, in Skype, by this person, let’s call them George. Yesterday, I got a Skype message from George. Realize this was the first conversation George had tried to have with me. Here is what George said: “hey Cathy,  just getting ready with my new traffic exchange and was hoping that we could swap 10k credits and 50k banners and text links ready for launch”

My first thought was “Wow, didn’t you just launch a mailer?” And my second thought was “Well, that’s a nice first conversation.” So after pondering what to say and even asking a fellow experienced traffic exchange owner, I came up with this response:

“Hi George,
Nice to meet you. I realize you are excited to launch your new exchange and I understand
the want to trade credits. Let me explain to you why this is not a good idea.
Reason 1- keeping your credit ratio in balance is very hard. With a brand new
exchange, you have not built up any balance of credits to sell or trade. Our exchange banks (earns credits to sell or trade) at the pace of 2000 to 5000 per day and we have been in business for over 3 years.
Reason 2- If you give away that many credits in the beginning, there will be no reason for
me to surf your exchange thus adding to the problem of slow moving traffic.
Reason 3- We have found it’s best if we only trade credits with sites that deliver the same amount of volume we are doing thus it will be beneficial to both sites.
Hope that wasn’t too much information for you. I wish you much success with your launch.” <—-End Quotes

I did not get a response from George. So, today I thought I would check in with George and follow up.  Guess what?  George un-friended me on Skype.  After shaking my head and thinking to myself, well that’s one less mailer and traffic exchange I need to join, I decided to write this blog post.


Point 1 – When having a conversation with someone you just met, don’t ask for something. Maybe, just maybe after we have gotten to know each other a little bit we can talk about helping each other grow our businesses.  Remember, it’s NOT all about you and basically you are my competition.

Point 2 – Learn NOW about credit inventory.  When you launch a site, you don’t have any. Read this post I wrote, almost 2 years ago.  If you don’t understand credit inventory, then ask an owner who is running a successful traffic exchange.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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It’s a Love / Hate Relationship

LoveHateI have developed a love / hate relationship with Lifetime Memberships at advertising resources like traffic exchanges and mailers. As an advertiser, I love them. As an affiliate, I hate them.

Lifetime Gives Advertising Value

When an advertising site gives the option of a Lifetime Membership, we will normally try to buy it. Of course our budget doesn’t allow us to buy every lifetime at every site that launches so we pick and choose where we spend our hard earned dollars. If we purchase a Lifetime Membership, I guarantee we plan on being active at that site. We plan on using the advertising the membership gives and we will probably promote it as an affiliate trying to recoup the money we spent on the upgrade.

A good Lifetime Membership will allow you to advertise your business for YEARS in to the future. This one time purchase can deliver a superb advertising value if the site has average activity. As an advertiser, Lifetime Memberships are a smart purchase, if you use them to their fullest.

Lifetime Reduces Residual Income

As an affiliate, a site which offers a one time purchase to members for a lifetime of advertising will reduce the residual income for any affiliate. The affiliate may be happy with a larger commission check, at first, but in the long run there will be less residual income.  I say this because the people who spend money, your serious marketers, will purchase that Lifetime Membership.

What Is Best?

I have seen people who preached against selling lifetimes switch their business model around to include that option. I have seen sites generate a lot of income then be gone 6 months later. I have seen limited special deals for lifetimes offered by many sites. I have seen some sites which sell lifetime options thrive and grow. I’m not sure what is best for a site to offer them or not offer them. Then only thing I know for sure is I truly have a Love / Hate relationship with Lifetime Memberships.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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