Advantages of Advertising At Small Traffic Exchanges

Once upon a time every traffic exchange started as a small sites. Even EasyHits4U, which now has over 1 Million Members, had to get the first 1000 members to join. So what constitutes a small traffic exchange? In my opinion, a small traffic exchange is any site which has under 5000 members. Once you hit the 5000 member mark, you are more of a medium size traffic exchange. Again, these numbers are just my opinion and you may think quite differently.

Small Traffic Exchanges Matter

There are many advantages to using a small traffic exchange. Most small traffic exchanges are new. They recently launched or they are less than a year old. These newer traffic exchanges give the affiliate marketer the opportunity to do a couple of things. Let’s start with the obvious one.

First, small new traffic exchanges give you the opportunity as an affiliate to recruit new members to the site and earn some commissions. Many times the most money is made when a new member joins a new site. There are normally some very good joining specials which give the new member incentive to make purchases. This is possible affiliate income in your pocket.

Second, small new traffic exchanges give you the opportunity to build your downlines and earn bonus advertising. The majority of traffic exchanges offer bonus credits to the upline members. These bonus credits can turn into thousands of advertising credits for you. This is more valuable than most people realize when they are starting as an affiliate. Here is a small example to emphasize the effect of a surfing downline. Let’s say you have recruited 50 new member for a new traffic exchange. Now you are earning bonus credits when those members surf. So if you are earning an average of 1 credit per day per member, you are earning 50 bonus credits per day. That’s 1500 credits per month or 18,000 bonus credits per year. Those are credits you don’t have to purchase or earn yourself. I hope this example shows you the value in building your downlines in smaller traffic exchanges.

Third, you can dominate the advertising in a small traffic exchange. By using some small exchanges, you can brand yourself quickly among their members. If you keep your sites in rotation and you utilize the other advertising resources inside the traffic exchange like banners, texts, logins ads, and spotlight ads then you can totally dominate each small exchange. Think of each small traffic exchange like a small town. Let’s say you open a hot dog stand in a town of 4000 people. If you know anything about a small town, you know that any new business is quickly recognized and the townspeople will rush to see what is this new business. The smallness of the town makes your little hot dog stand big news and big business. But, let’s say you open the same hot dog stand in Chicago. You may get noticed by the locals who happen to walk by your hot dog stand but you probably won’t reach anyone who lives a couple blocks away. Those folks will have a different hot dog stand in their neighborhood so they won’t care you opened. I hope this example shows you how dominating a small exchange can be good branding and good for building your online business.

We have discussed three very specific reasons which give advertisers a great advantage when marketing inside small traffic exchanges. Pick your favorite small traffic exchanges and get to work.

Some of our favorite small exchanges:


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Splash-Wave Joins Affiliate Funnel

Great news for Splash-Wave members, Splash-Wave is now a member of Affiliate Funnel. If you don’t know what this means, let me tell you. By becoming a member of Affiliate Funnel it gives Splash-Wave a legitimate claim to being one of the better traffic exchanges online. It means Splash-Wave will continue to grow at a faster pace which will bring better results for advertisers. It means affiliates can count on Splash-Wave to be here now and in the future.

Affiliate Funnel is a downline builder with a ranking system which allows it’s members to promote multiple sites at one time. Downline builders are HUGE for affiliate marketers and the KRM crew has developed one of the more encompassing downline builders for traffic exchange affiliates. Not just any traffic exchange is allowed into Affiliate Funnel. The owner and site must meet the criteria set for entry before even being considered to be added to AF.

They have tons of marketing tools to get you started. From regular splash pages to ranker splashes which show the Top 5 or Top 10 ranked Affiliate Funnel sites. These are all very good for grabbing attention and building your downlines in multiple sites with your affiliate marketing effort. Affiliate Funnel allows the traffic exchange users to vote and give input on which sites receive the top rankings. So, if you have a favorite and want to see it do well in the AF rankings, keep voting every day.

Congratulations to Splash-Wave and thank you members for helping us build Splash-Wave in to a top traffic exchange for member results.

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