Monster Marketer Launches New Site

Have you ever wanted to join a site when it was brand new?  Get all the advantages of marketing to fresh eyes and help build the site from the ground up.  With all the launches these days, it is really quite easy to get in early. AND THEN….. there comes a launch where you know it is going to be a HUGE. Why?  Because of the owner.  Monster Marketer, Vern Chumbley is launching a new manual traffic exchange.  You may have heard of Vern, he is the Smiley Traffic Guy.  You know the site, Smiley Traffic, one of the first combo auto, manual, ptc sites online. The little smiley guy getting his face ran over is branded into everyone’s head. Like him or hate him, Vern has built Smiley Traffic into one of the largest advertising resources online.  Now, he is launching a new manual TE.  This is your opportunity to get in early, I’m talking way early………

Not Just Another TE

Vern decided to launch his new site, Quality Page Views, on the LFMTE script.  His plan is to be the largest LFMTE in the industry.  With Smiley Traffic having well over 100k members, he has proven he has the resources and know how to build an advertising site.

Vern is relentless with his advertising and I fully expect Quality Page Views to become a Monster Advertising Resource. Official launch is November 25th but you can join now and get a head start.  I highly recommend grabbing the QPV Extreme Upgrade, the benefits
are going to be Monstrous.
One of those benefits is Random Referrals.  I was told in a few days Vern will be releasing 50 Million Ads promoting his new site.

Don’t wait on this one- this is your chance to be in early and grow your downline.


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Are You Ready For the Black Friday Sales?

BlackFridayAre you ready for the Black Friday Sales? We are just a few days away from one of the most lucrative sales days of the year. The excitement builds as we see countdown timers and hints of super deals in the near future. Are you ready to shop?  Have you made a plan so you can decisively spend your advertising dollars?

Avoid Impulse Buys

Be sure to develop a plan so you can avoid impulse buys. Black Friday is a great time to grab some super bargains but you want to make wise purchases which will help your overall advertising plan. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement but you must spend those advertising dollars in a way which will positively impact your business.

Map Out A Plan

Decide what type of purchase will positively effect your business growth. Then stick with it. If you are looking for good deals on upgrades which will help you build your business for an entire year, then don’t get sidetracked by dirt cheap credit packages. If you want to bulk up your credit inventory, then those dirt cheap credit packages will be a perfect fit for your advertising plan. The key is to have a plan mapped out and don’t get lured by the flashing lights and countdown timers.

Black Friday is an exciting time for shoppers.  It is the wise shoppers with a plan who come out way ahead in the long run.  Happy Shopping!

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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