Stop Hoarding Your Credits

HoardingAdvertising online is a 24 hours – 7 days a week venture.  You need to keep your ads in place and in front of potential customers as much of this time as possible.  Stop hoarding your credits and start getting sign ups.

There are many people out there who like to “bank” their credits.  I suppose they are saving them up for a raining day.  I have heard all kinds of reason for this “hoarding” activity.  The reason I hear most often is they are saving them for a big marketing push.  Okay- that makes sense but what about today?  Don’t you want to grow your business now?  What if by sitting on your bank of credits you missed the opportunity to sign up one, two, or three new customers?  How many potential customers will you miss by leaving those credits in the “bank”?

Here is our philosophy at JAC Traffic Products:  Promote – Promote – Promote – Advertise as much as possible – As often as possible.  I heard someone say: “Advertise til you make them puke”.  Not a pleasant picture but I think you get the idea.  Advertise until they are sick of seeing your ad, then advertise some more.  When we need a Big Marketing Push, we buy traffic.  YEP, I said it out loud- when we really want to Grab Attention, we make sure to BUY even more traffic.  There is really no need to “bank” credits, when you can purchase them at any time.

If you want to grow your online business, you must have your ads in rotation as much as possible.  That new sign up isn’t going to wait on your ad so Stop Hoarding Your Credits.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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Congratulations Traffic Speedway

This is one of those times where hard work and dedication has paid off.  Congratulations to Randy Fountain and the members of Traffic Speedway for climbing the TE Rankers and becoming the one of the Featured Sites for Commando Surf this week.

CommandoPageAnyone who knows Randy, the owner of Traffic Speedway, knows he is dedicated to his traffic exchange.  He is a one site owner who really cares about his members and wants to build Traffic Speedway in to a responsive advertising venue.  Well it looks like all his work is starting to pay off and get noticed.  Traffic Speedway has always delivered a nice flow of quality traffic and always brings in new members to our sites.  Being one of the Featured Sites in Commando Surf, I guarantee the results will keep getting better.

Congrats to Randy and all the Speedy members. Thank you for building a quality advertising resource I am proud to recommend to our friends.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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