Advertising Results From Downline Builders

Month after month I check to see which sites are bringing in the most referrals to our sites. And, month after month the results are the same. We are getting the BEST advertising results from downline builders. If you are not using a downline builder in your marketing, then you are leaving hundreds of referrals behind for someone else to pick up.

crafty-penguinHow Do Downline Builders Work?

A downline builder is a site which allows you  to promote your affiliate link to a bunch of other sites by promoting one referral link. Some downline builders, like TE Command Post, have hundreds of sites inside. Other downline builders, like TE Headquarters, keep the number of sites inside small and easy to manage.

The downline builder site should provide you with marketing tools which will make your advertising job easy. Use the tools provided and drive traffic to your affiliate pages and banners. USE THE BANNERS! I put that in all caps to emphasize that banner advertising works. As you drive traffic to your affiliate pages, you will begin to get referrals. As your referrals “fill in” the downline builder section, they may need to join some of the sites inside. This is how you are building downlines in multiple sites at one time by promoting one affiliate link. Then, if your referrals, at any of the sites, start making purchases you will start earning that valuable affiliate income.

Do The Work

Many advertising sites you belong to will have their own type of downline builder attached. Take the time to fill in every downline builder. Yes, this it time consuming. Yes, this may actually feel like work. It is worth it. There are some days the emails come in and we can tell someone is filling in a downline builder from somewhere. Those are the days this marketing stuff feels like magic. :)

TE Headquarters

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Where Is Your Business Going?

One of the number one questions you should ask yourself often is “Where Is Your Business Going?” It is easy to get used to a routine which may seem comfortable but is it helping your business grow? Change can be hard but becoming stagnant can be even harder on your business.

Embrace Change


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Successful entrepreneurs embrace change. Albert Einstein said: ” insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” While your business may not be on the verge of insanity. It is smart to seek out change and look to grow in a variety of directions.

Whether you are staying current with today’s market, increasing the efficiency of your business, developing new innovations, or embracing new opportunities,  change is an important part of keeping your business moving in a forward direction.

Change can happen in small segments which may have a positive effect on the growth of your business. It is good to align yourself with other entrepreneurs who you can bounce off ideas and get support from when you make changes. Business alliances can be very beneficial when you are making even small changes to try and increase growth.

Even when you feel your business is going well, it is wise to look for ways to change and keep improving. This change can be as small as solving a minor problem, editing an advertisement, or as large as revamping your entire marketing strategy. Exploring new trends and deciding to jump in or stay out, can totally effect your business bottom line.

The most important advice I could give you would be: Keep an OPEN mind. Change is going to happen so you can either fight it or you can embrace it. Finding the right balance of change for your business can keep your business moving in a positive direction.

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