Understanding the Value of Website Traffic From Traffic Exchanges

GlassesGetting a lot of “views” or “traffic” to your website is always a top priority but you need to understand the value of the traffic you are getting from traffic exchanges. A site which can deliver 1000 views per day may not be as valuable as a site which delivers 100 views per day. Here is where the confusion begins. Getting views is good but getting too many views from one traffic exchange, per day, can be bad. Below we will discuss the value of the traffic you are receiving from traffic exchanges.

Too Many Views?

Is it really possible to get too many views, per day, from one traffic exchange?  Last week I assigned 2000 credits at a traffic exchange.  The next day I went back to check my sites and all the credits were gone. I went thru 2000 credits in a 24 hour time period. The traffic at this traffic exchange is moving way too fast. I got zero sign ups from those 2000 views. The only possible value we got from those views might be a solid day of branding at that one traffic exchange. But, all and all, I would value the traffic from this traffic exchange at a 0. I won’t be purchasing traffic from this particular traffic exchange as I found very little value in the traffic.

Why Is It Moving So Fast?

Normally, there are 3 main reasons traffic exchange traffic moves extremely fast.

Reason 1 – The traffic exchange does not have enough sites in rotation. When you assign your credits, they are immediately eaten up because there are too few sites for members to view. This usually happens at newly launched traffic exchanges or at sites where the owner is still learning to manage the traffic flow. The good news is this is a fixable problem. If the owner is proactive, there are steps which can be taken to reduce the traffic flow for each individual member while keeping the member views at a good pace. (If any owners out there need help with this, Jolynn and I would be happy to conference with you and develop some solutions.) So, this reason may be a temporary problem and you should check back, from time to time, to see if the traffic flow has improved.

Reason 2 – The traffic exchange is overrun with bot surfers. For those of you who don’t know, a bot surfer is a machine or program some members use to surf the traffic exchange for them. In our eyes, this is a form of cheating, as no member actually views your ad when your credit is used. Bot surfers will usually surf an above average number of sites, sometimes in the the thousands per day. Unfortunately, some traffic exchanges do not care about the results the members are receiving but are more worried about the traffic volume they can claim their traffic exchange is producing. When I see a traffic exchange filled with member names I know we have suspended for bot surfing, then I avoid that traffic exchange completely.

Reason 3 – Short surf timers. It’s obvious you will be able to surf more sites with a 3 second timer than you will with a 8 second timer. Although the credits used may be viewed by a real surfer, it stands to reason your credits will be used at a much faster pace. Again, I feel the traffic exchanges with very short timers are more concerned with traffic volume than with advertising results. Of course surf timers will always be a topic for debate, but, as an advertiser, I prefer my sites to get viewed with longer timers.

Listed above are 3 reasons traffic may be moving too quickly in a traffic exchange. What is important is you know how fast your credits are moving, how long your site is getting viewed, and who is viewing your ads. Once you know these things, you can understand the value of website traffic you are getting from traffic exchanges.

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It’s Guaranteed, Sometimes You Don’t Need to Wait

If you have been marketing online via traffic exchanges and mailers, then I am sure you FlashPumpkinhave heard of Marty Petrizza.  Marty is an owner who has established her reputation by producing results and paying her members on time. She is, also, famous for rewarding her members in a variety of ways. So, when we found out she was launching a new mailer, well Jolynn & I jumped on board.  When we found out she was offering a Limited Lifetime Membership Opportunity, well we bought it without thinking twice.

Sometimes Acting Now Is The Right Thing To Do

You see sometimes you don’t need to wait and see what will become of a new site because the owner has a solid reputation for producing good sites. With multiple membership sites with over 10,000 members, Marty is one of those owners. Sometimes acting now is the right thing to do. Sometimes if you wait, you miss the opportunity to have a lifetime of advertising.  This is one of those times.  Marty has announced October 26th is the last chance to grab a lifetime membership.  When you join, check out the One Time Offer and seriously consider taking it.  Check out the top of the offer and look for a “discount code” like this one:

Discount code currently active: `justforyou`
This gives you an additional discount of 20% off the price shown below.

This will save you even more money on your lifetime of advertising.

Not Another Mailer

If you are expecting just another mailer, then I urge you to look deeper. It looks like Marty has some tricks up her sleeve. Mails only matter when they are opened and Guaranteed Mailer is, well, guaranteeing how many of your mails will get opened per mailing, per membership level. This should be interesting and I can’t wait to see what Marty has up her sleeve.

Let me be clear, it is not every day someone as respected as Marty opens a new site. Marty seems to cross all barriers and gets a good response from members all around the world.  Over 1000 members joined within the first 24 hours.  Jolynn and I wanted to be sure you were aware of this new advertising opportunity.

Guranteed MailsIf you join from our link, we will award you 1000 Credits from the JAC Traffic Site of your choice. Join and Upgrade, we will award you 5000 Credits from the JAC Traffic Site of your choice.  (To claim your Joining Bonus, send a support ticket at the JAC Traffic Site of your choice with your Guaranteed Mails username.)

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