Stop Hoarding Your Credits

One of the frustrating things we run across, as the owner of a traffic exchange, is the fact many members will keep thousands of credits in their account without assigning them to their ads. One thing I know for sure: If you don’t have your ad in rotation, you will not get a sign up. This FACT I guarantee!

Why Are You Hoarding Credits?

We have many members who have thousands of credits in their account with ZERO credits assigned to their ads. This is a sure fire way to NOT grow your business. They key to successful online marketing is to get as many views to your ads or website as possible. You want to get these views 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, without fail. You have the ability to get opt-ins, sign ups and referrals, from all over the world, at your fingertips. Use your credits and impressions to keep your sites, banners and text ads rotating constantly.

With that said, I do understand saving up credits for a marketing push. But, unless you are consciously creating a bulk of credits to create a huge marketing push, then I see no reason to hoard your credits. Get your ads in rotation. Set aside a few days a month as credit assign day. Stop hoarding your credits! They aren’t building your business by sitting in your account.

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Something New About Auto Surf Myth

Just when you thought you knew it all about auto surf traffic exchanges, a couple of guys come along and open the first LFMTE auto surf. Auto Surf Myth is not a new traffic exchange but it has new owners who are breathing new life into it. Not only have they changed scripts and become the first ever auto surf on the LFMTE script, they have completely renovated the site with new graphics and new features.

Under New Ownership

The new owners are Randy Fountain and James Dias. Both have years of experience in the traffic exchange industry and James started his traffic exchange owership with an auto surf. As they continue to evolve Auto Surf Myth you will see the addition of many things to increase members interaction in the surf. The first main surf reward system they have added is the Viral Traffic Game. Many traffic exchange surfers are already taking advantage of the bonuses this game offers while surfing and now you can participate in bonuses at Auto Surf Myth, too.

I’m looking forward to see where the new owners take this auto surf site. So far, it has been the cleanest surfing auto surf I have used as a member. It looks like this may be the auto surf model of the future.

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