Copying Design Work Is Stealing

There seems to be a rash of design work, names, and other ideas getting copied. Copying design work, or any of these things, is stealing, plain and simple. I have to shake my head in disbelief about some of the things I see on a daily basis. I understand work is going to get copied. When you see a great idea, you want to use it. There is a proper way to borrow ideas. Get permission!

In a conversation yesterday we were given another blatant example of borrowing design work. Barry over at SocialSurf4u has had a splash page in rotation for quite some time:

SocialSurfOriginalHe ran across a splash page that was eerily similar, I will show it below:

socialsurfstolenI am not going to name the site which was using the borrowed design but I will say no one had asked Barry if they could use elements of his design. To me, that is just plain stealing. What do you think?

I understand having moments where you need inspiration. I have used others designs and created something similar. The difference is I asked permission first.

We are going to be Turning Up the Heat in 2015, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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The Surf Timer Debate……..continued

clockThere will always be a debate about the length of surf timers in traffic exchanges. Which length timer provides better results for the advertiser or end user? How long is too long? How long is too short? What do members like? What do members dislike? How long should a site be viewed before the viewer will take action? These are all questions a traffic exchange owner ponders when deciding how long the members will need to view an ad before they get a viewing credit.

I’ve Been Surfing

Over the last month, I have been surfing a variety of traffic exchanges. I normally surf a little but I have been surfing a lot.  A whole lot.  Viewing thousands of pages daily with a variety of surf timers.  This has got me thinking about the length of the site view and how do I perceive it from a surfers perspective. In the past, I have been an advocate for a longer timer.  Longer these days doesn’t mean 15 to 30 seconds, like the old days. Longer these days is just about anything over 6 seconds.

After a month of heavy surfing, I have come to the conclusion my individual surfing routine is changed by the length of the surf timers. Let me explain. If I am surfing a site with a timer 8 seconds or longer, I tend to open more tabs. I will try to match up 4 sites, with 8 second or longer timers, and surf them at the same time. This is called “tab surfing”. For me, I do not like to surf more than 4 sites at a time as it seems to take longer to accomplish my end surf total. When surfing sites with a timer of 5 to 6 seconds , I will only open 3 tabs. When surfing sites with a timer 3 to 4 seconds, I prefer to surf 2 at a time. There are many times when surfing a site with a 3 second timer, that I surfed only 1 site at a time. Why? Because the timer goes so fast by the time I was changing to a new tab it was time to click through to the next page.

My individual surf pattern got me thinking. Was I actually paying more attention to the ad with a 3 second timer because I stayed on the page instead of changing tabs? This would go against everything I had thought previously up until that “ah ha” moment.

In conclusion, I do think I paid more attention to the ad when I was surfing only one tab. I still feel the ad needs time to load.  There were a few pages which did not have time to load with a 3 second timer. As an advertiser, you need to make sure your ad page loads quickly. I, also, realize my individual surf pattern may not be like the average surfer. I have heard stories of members surfing a large amount of tabs at a time. I personally think surfing more than 4 or 5 sites at a time just slows down your surfing progress.

Your Input Requested

Now for the BIG QUESTIONS:

1. Does the length of the surf timer affect how many sites you surf at a time?

2. As an advertiser, how long do you want the surf timer to be?

3. As a surfer, how long do you want the surf timer to be?

Please post your answers in the comment section below. Your feedback will help us improve our traffic exchange and the results for our advertisers.

Make It Your Year – Jolynn & Cathy

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