Your Site Sucks!

No one wants to hear these three awful words: “Your Site Sucks!” I mean feedback is good but that would be a mean and horrible thing to say. I was reading a post by Barry Langdon where he correctly conveyed the message that most people prefer to get a “pat on the back”.  But, how can you expect to improve your site and your business if everyone is giving you a pat on the back. You can’t.

Honest Feedback

Every site owner or business person needs to get honest feedback from their customers and peers. Getting honest feedback is the quickest and easiest way to make adjustments and improvements to your business. Getting honest feedback can be a tricky endeavor.  You don’t want someone who is only going to give you a “pat on the back” and you don’t want someone who is going to tell you “your site sucks”.  You need someone who will give you constructive criticism with ideas for improvement. Or, if nothing else, can show you what is working for them. My suggestion is to go outside your current circle of influence and look for someone, in your industry, who is willing to give you an in depth analysis. Someone who doesn’t know you very well but who does know the industry you work in. Someone you respect and trust to give you honest feedback.

Realize not everyone will be willing to take the time to analyze your business. But, if someone you respect takes the time to give you an in-depth analysis, then be ready to make some changes. I’ve seen many times where a site owner asked for feedback and then never made any changes. Don’t be that person. If you want to make a better business:  get honest feedback and make changes based on that feedback.

Make It Your Year~ Jolynn & Cathy

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The Traffic Exchange Launch Credit Dilemma

LaunchA new traffic exchange launch is always an exciting time and a great way to get traffic to your websites. It seems everyone wants to see what is new and activity is normally very high in the beginning. Which leads the newly launched traffic exchange with a credit dilemma.  Activity is high with members surfing heavily to earn advertising so credits burn very quickly.  If you upgrade, you may get an allotted amount of credits to get you started but these are normally gone very quickly after you assign them. No one likes to assign 1000 credits and come back hours later to have them be gone with no sign ups.

So here is my question:  Should a newly launched traffic exchange give advertisers the option to purchase credits at a reduced price.  Of course there are 2 sides to this question.  Side 1: NO, there should be no credit sales during a launch.  The reasoning behind this is if you want to buy credits, you should upgrade and get the credits which come with your level of upgrade.  Another reason is you want to keep the members surfing for those credits and keep activity at a high level. Side 2: YES. One reason, any sale is a good sale.  Sales generate commissions which make all members happy.  Another reason, the influx of assigned credits will slow down the burn of credits which will make the advertiser feel they are getting more for their money.

What is your opinion?  Should a newly launched traffic exchange give advertisers the opportunity to purchase credits at a reduced price? Let us know in your comments below.

Make It Your Year ~ Jolynn & Cathy

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