Start Building Your Business Today

You have been thinking about starting your online business but something keeps holding you back.  Maybe it is self-doubt, time restraints, your finances or any other variety of excuses which keep you from starting.  There is no perfect time to start, so start building your business today.


By starting your business today, you will gain valuable information which you can not acquire any other way. You will gain experience which can not be learned from a book or a webinar.  You will gain business contacts which you didn’t even realize you needed.  You will gain confidence in your ability to build a viable business.


Yep, you are gonna make them.  There is no successful entrepreneur that didn’t make mistakes along the way.  They key is to make those mistakes and learn how to improve from them.  Learn how to avoid future mistakes which might slow down your business growth.  What is important is you are learning and growing now.

I leave you with this quote for the day:

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”~ Mark Victor Hanson

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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Things That Make Me Cringe In Traffic Exchanges

Last weekend I did some extra surfing at a variety of traffic exchanges.  While surfing, I ran across a variety of things that make me cringe in traffic exchanges. You see, I love the traffic exchange industry.  There are so many good things about it.  But, for me, the bottom line is creating an advertising atmosphere which is supportive to create conversions for the advertisers.  That is now, and will always be, our goal at JAC Traffic Products.  So, this article is just my personal observation and how I feel about certain things.  It is not meant to step on any toes but should give our members some insight to the type of products we want to produce at JAC Traffic Products.

Surf Timers

Surf Timers are always a huge debatable topic.  As a surfer, the shorter the timer the better.  I was surfing a traffic exchange with a 12 second timer and it seemed like an eternity between ads.  As an advertiser, I want my ad to be viewed as long as possible.  Here is the what makes me cringe part- When I surf a TE with a 10 second timer and they have a “special surf day” when they drop the timer to 5 seconds.  This makes me think, “Hey Now, I spent my valuable time earning those credits and now you are giving them away”.  At JAC Traffic Products, we stopped doing reduced timer days for this very reason.  We didn’t feel like it was fair to the surfer who earned their ad credit with a longer timer to have it given away with a shorter timer.

Surf Timers will always be a topic up for debate but, if you check any Top Lists, there are normally a couple sites with longer timers in the Top 10.  Results are not debatable.

Surfing for Collections

There are a variety of different collectable items which were designed to increase surfing, for the owner, and enjoyment, for the surfer.  Face it folks, people like to collect things.  I have no problem with collecting items.  We actually offer our surfers the ability to collect AdOne-Ten Stickers, if they choose to do so.  This is not a debate about what is the best item to collect.  We have made our opinion known on that subject.  What makes me cringe is the TE Owner which offers a bonus collectable if you surf a LARGE number of sites in one day.  I actually saw an item offered to the surfer if they could surf 10,000 site in ONE DAY.  Really, 10,000?  Any member who attempts to collect the item offered after surfing 10,000 sites is NOT there to view ads.  They are there to surf like a mad man until they reach that collectible.  For me, this is the unnecessary burning of 10k of advertising credits.

Like Tony Tezak always says, and I am paraphrasing:  I would rather have 1000 surfers surf 100 sites than 100 surfers surf 1000 sites.  Well, I agree on that one.  At JAC Traffic Sites, we offer no collectibles after 550, at one site, and 990, at the other.

Surfing Games

Surfing games are pages you find while surfing which allow you to play a game to earn bonus advertising, via credits, banners or text ads.  Many surfers enjoy playing the games.  What makes me cringe is a site that offers, in my opinion, way too many surfing games.  And here is why: As an owner of a TE I understand the complexity of keeping a positive credit balance, which keeps traffic moving.  Let’s use a surf 10 example:  Surfer A surfs as a free member of Traffic Exchange X.  As a free member, Surfer A earns .33 credits per viewed site.  Surfer A surfs 10 pages and earns .33 x 10= 3.3 credits. (Note: Each time a game is shown, it does not burn a member credit but is a free credit from the site.) At page 4, Surfer A plays a game which awarded 5 credits as the prize.  At page 10, Surfer a plays a game which awarded 5 credits as the prize. (Yes, I have surfed sites which have 2 games per 10 sites viewed)  Surfer A just won 10 credits.  Add those 10 credits to the 3.3 they earned = 13.3 credits for surfing 10 pages.  This means Traffic Exchange X awarded 13.3 credits to Surfer A and only used 8 of the members ad credits.  Which leave Traffic Exchange X with a negative credit balance 13.3-8= 5.3.  Traffic Exchange X is now 5.3 credits in the red from one surfer who surfed 10 ads.

This may seem like a ridiculous example but if your credits don’t move, or move really slowly, at a particular traffic exchange then the credit balance may be off for that exchange.

The bottom line is Jolynn & I are always looking for ways to improve traffic and results at the JAC Traffic Sites.  Occasionally we find things which make us cringe, which help us learn ways to improve our own products.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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