Utilize Banner Advertising

Smart marketers will utilize banner advertising. At all our JAC Traffic Products: Hot Flash Hits, Splash-Wave and Viral Safelist Mailer, a high number of members are brought in to the sites each month through banner advertising.

JAC Traffic Bonus Banner Advertising

One of the things we offer for our members is the ability to utilize banner advertising across the entire JAC Traffic Network of sites. Viral Safelist Mailer offers square banner advertising. These are 125×125 images linked to your favorite affiliate program. These square banners are then displayed across the entire JAC Traffic Network.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.41.53 AMYou will see these displayed in a variety of places in the JAC Traffic Sites. These banners are eye-catching and create added exposure for your advertising. All you have to do is be a member of Viral Safelist Mailer and purchase some banners for your ads. These are very affordable advertising which give you extra exposure.

Plus, there is more….. These Banner Ads can go viral. How? We have created 2 different splash pages for our members to advertise anywhere across the net. This gives these banner ads the ability to literally go viral out there in Internet land. Here is an example of one of those splash pages below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.42.57 AMClean, concise banner advertising will help grow your online business. Be sure to utilize what the JAC Traffic Network of sites has to offer. Even if you are one of those advertisers who doesn’t like mailers, you can still take advantage of the banner advertising offered at Viral Safelist Mailer. Open your account today.

Make It Your Year~ Jolynn & Cathy

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Relaunch – Redesign – All Good For Business

There seems to be a new trend happening in the traffic exchange industry. Many sites which have been online for a few years are getting a new look. A few of these sites are even doing a full blown relaunch of their site. Whether a site is doing a relaunch or a redesign, it is all good for business.

The Traffic DanceExample 1 – The Traffic Dance

The Traffic Dance has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. From changing ownership, to changing scripts, to an initial makeover and now to a complete redesign. James, over at the Traffic Dance, has been quietly working behind the scenes on this complete redesign. When I say complete redesign, I mean you won’t recognize the place. If you are already a member and you haven’t logged in for weeks, you should go check it out because nothing is the same. This isn’t just a new look or a new color but a complete revamping of how the traffic system is going to work. I’m pretty stoked about it because I understand the activity is going to quickly rise. This means greater value for my advertising inside the Traffic Dance.

TE Surf SocialExample 2 – TE Surf Social

Marcy over at TE Surf Social took a different approach. Not only did she do a makeover of the design (still keeping her signature purple), she added a ton of new features that the members seem to love. Then, she did a full blown, blast it to the world, relaunch. This type of relaunch involved taking on paid JV partners who will want to make the relaunch successful so everyone wins. So far, it has been a HUGE success. I know for a fact, TE Surf Social has set new records for number of members who surfed in one day and number of traffic hits delivered in a day and week.

One of the biggest challenges a traffic exchange faces is keeping member activity high. Each traffic exchange needs its members to be active so the traffic exchange can deliver a good advertising value for it’s members. Doing a redesign or a relaunch is a fantastic way for a traffic exchange to keep moving forward and creating new excitement for the current members. The bottom line: if you see a site doing a redesign or a relaunch, you know that site has a dedicated owner and site activity is going to remain high for weeks. Get your advertising in there and take advantage of the growth and activity. It’s all about getting results for YOU, the advertiser.

Make It Your Year- Jolynn & Cathy

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